ZA 687

ZA 687

Client : Ghassan Maalouly

Work : Architecture

Type : Commercial

Location : Zalka, Lebanon

Area : 650 m² commercial 

Zalka 687 is a commercial project located in Zalka. Since the land is in the commercial area of the urban city, the target was to design an element of attraction in the crowded space, adjacent to the highway, and to be considered as a distinguish element, integrated between the high-rise buildings and reflecting the brand’s image.

 The volumetry is a glass box, intending to have a transparent space, with a clear indoor- outdoor visual relation with the highway.

The project is a two level high elevation, divided into 8 commercial stores; 4 in each level . The center is an entirely modern construction of alucobond,  steel and glass , that explores its two-story vertical proportions.

AS 140


Client : Target Food Company

Work : Architecture

Type : Industrial

Location : Ain Saadeh, Lebanon

Area : 4000m² industry 

Target Food Headquarter is an industrial project located in Ain Saadeh. Target Food is a Lebanese importer and distributer company, involved in food and non-food products.

The design was based on the idea of integrating a container in its contextual site. The functionality was an important factor to be considered in the design process; therefore the project was designed longitudinally and double heighted. Sustainability is reflected by covering the roof with solar panels to generate electricity.

This architectural complex consists of the company offices and a warehouse. The treatment of the façade is horizontally divided into 2 layers, with the usage of concrete blocks for the ground level, and steel panels for the level on top.

BT 746


Client : Albert Saliba

Work : Architecture

Type : Industrial

Location : Bteghrine, Lebanon

Area :2500 m² industrial 

ALBERT SALIBA INDUSTRY is an industrial project located in Bteghrine. Since the industry is a carpentry family business, the concept was to design an industrial space; clear in it’s conception and functionally effective.

The volumetry is a simple pure rectangular form. Small openings are designed, allowing natural light to penetrate to the interior space.

The building is longitudinally designed and divided into two parts: one in front of the other, creating movement in the design.

Concrete, glass and wood-look stone are used as exterior materials.

ZK 1177


Client : Elie Sakr

Work : Architecture – Interior – Landscape

Type : Restaurant

Location : Dbayeh, Lebanon

Area : 750m² restaurant 

Sakr resto café welcome diners seeking relaxation and comfortable atmosphere. It consists of an outdoor parking, parallel to the front elevation adjacent to the main road, and an outdoor garden facing the back elevation to assure the privacy and the isolation from the street noise.

The design is based on the concept of indoor – outdoor transparency, and integrating the restaurant into his green context.

The project is horizontally constructed, and is double heighted. The volumetry is a composition of different rectangular forms, and reflects the modern architecture style
Stone, glass and wood are used as exterior materials

BEC 499

BEC 499

Client : Ghazali & Alam

Work : Architecture

Type : Residential

Location : Beit El Chear, Lebanon

Area : 1700m² residential 

The project is a residential building located in Beit El Chear. Since this village is characterized by having high standards in architecture, the clients, a pair of lawyers, had the vision to build family residences, linked architecturally. To make the most of the topography of the site, the target was to create a vertical development, that could occupy  luxurious residential units, designed to suit the lifestyle of its occupants. .

The volumetry is based on pure rectangular forms. The building was designed while orienting the living rooms towards the view, with large openings and balconies.

Distributed on four residential floors and a parking floor, each residential floor consists of one apartment.

Wood, stone and glass are the materials used to finish the architecture.



Client : Rouhana and Abed El Nour developers

Work : Architecture

Type : Residential

Location : Bickfaya, Lebanon

Area : 1100m² residential 

PINE BUILDING is the ideal place to live in, away from the crowdedness of the city.
It is located in Bickfaya, in the heart of pine forest, providing the natural green element of the typical countryside lifestyle.

The form is a simple rectangular form and  the building envelop is influenced by pine trees skin. The front elevation, parallel to the road, is mainly an opaque volume creating private spaces in the residence. The back elevation is designed to be transparent with the environment, with large openings towards the view, and to have indoor – outdoor visual relations, integrating the nature into the living space.

The project consists of four residential floors and a pilotis floor. Each floor contains two apartments of 110m² each. Wood, stone, glass and red brick are applied to the exterior finishing.



Client : Gabriel Saliba and sons

Work : Architecture

Type : Mixed – Use

Location : Bteghrine, Lebanon

Area :970 m² residential

     485 m² commercial


Since the owner already owned a traditional Lebanese style home in front of the site, the concept was to design a project based on the Lebanese heritage. This mixed – use project is a family building, adjacent to the main road.

The shape of the plot had an impact on the design process; the volume shows clear differences between the front and back elevations. The front elevation shows a continuity in the design, with large balconies and arabesque shaped openings. The back elevation shows multiple breaks in the continuity, with arcades and large balconies towards the view.

The ground floor and mezzanine are commercial stores, and the above floors are residential units. Stone, wood and red brick are the materials applied on the design, reflecting the desired style.

MAZ 2950

MAZ 2950

Client : Khoury Partners

Work : Architecture

Type : Mixed – Use

Location : Mazraet Yachouh , Lebanon

Area : 1350m² residential

690 m² commercial

MAZ 2950 is a mixed-use project located in Mazraet Yachouh, adjacent to the main road. The land is located in a neighborhood where commercial activities are abundant on road level.

A minimalist pure form best describes the design subtly integrated in a green environment, rendering the residences a unique and close-to-nature place to be in.

The project is distributed on different levels; the ground and mezzanine are for commerce, whereas the other levels are residential; each one comprises three apartments of 150 m² each.

On the other hand, the use of material, such as stone, wood and glass, reflects the modern architecture style.



Client :

Work : Architecture – Interior – Landscape

Type : Residential

Location : Marjaba, Lebanon

Area : 1000 m² residential

This modern family mountain villa is located on top of a hill, giving it panoramic views of the village. The building is structured around different sections that house the various domestic facilities, divided in a way that would fit conveniently into the site.

The design consists of a composition of units; different rectangular forms are assembled together.

The residence is divided on three levels; two of which are living room areas, with large glass openings towards the surrounding view.

The mountain climate made thick stone walls a sensible choice for the elevations. 

Wood , glass and red brick are also materials used for the exterior design; they allow the project to blend into the landscape, becoming a continuation of it that is in harmony with nature.


                                  KARAOGHLANIAN RESIDENCE

Client : Sarkis Karaoghlanian

Work : Architecture

Type : Residential

Location : Bickfaya, Lebanon

Area :  Old house renovation 300 m² residential

Old house adding  150 m² 

New house 200 m²  

A father and his son decided to renovate an old house and to construct a new one adjacent to it. The father’s desire was to conserve the existing Mediterranean style and to pass on the Lebanese heritage to his son. The target was to create two related residences.

Two contextual elements had to be taken into consideration; firstly, the nature of the site : a slope adjacent to the roadside, and secondly, the Lebanese architectural style.

The volumetry of each residence is a composition of a pure rectangular form. The façade is treated with stone cladding detailing, arcade shaped openings, aluminum wood texture for windows and a red brick roof, reflecting the traditional style. A wood pergola, facing the view, is added on the terrace.