Client : Gabriel Saliba and sons

Work : Architecture

Type : Mixed – Use

Location : Bteghrine, Lebanon

Area :970 m² residential

     485 m² commercial


Since the owner already owned a traditional Lebanese style home in front of the site, the concept was to design a project based on the Lebanese heritage. This mixed – use project is a family building, adjacent to the main road.

The shape of the plot had an impact on the design process; the volume shows clear differences between the front and back elevations. The front elevation shows a continuity in the design, with large balconies and arabesque shaped openings. The back elevation shows multiple breaks in the continuity, with arcades and large balconies towards the view.

The ground floor and mezzanine are commercial stores, and the above floors are residential units. Stone, wood and red brick are the materials applied on the design, reflecting the desired style.

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