KARAOGHLANIAN RESIDENCE

Client : Sarkis Karaoghlanian

Work : Architecture

Type : Residential

Location : Bickfaya, Lebanon

Area :  Old house renovation 300 m² residential

Old house adding  150 m² 

New house 200 m²  

A father and his son decided to renovate an old house and to construct a new one adjacent to it. The father’s desire was to conserve the existing Mediterranean style and to pass on the Lebanese heritage to his son. The target was to create two related residences.

Two contextual elements had to be taken into consideration; firstly, the nature of the site : a slope adjacent to the roadside, and secondly, the Lebanese architectural style.

The volumetry of each residence is a composition of a pure rectangular form. The façade is treated with stone cladding detailing, arcade shaped openings, aluminum wood texture for windows and a red brick roof, reflecting the traditional style. A wood pergola, facing the view, is added on the terrace.

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