BEC 499

BEC 499

Client : Ghazali & Alam

Work : Architecture

Type : Residential

Location : Beit El Chear, Lebanon

Area : 1700m² residential 

The project is a residential building located in Beit El Chear. Since this village is characterized by having high standards in architecture, the clients, a pair of lawyers, had the vision to build family residences, linked architecturally. To make the most of the topography of the site, the target was to create a vertical development, that could occupy  luxurious residential units, designed to suit the lifestyle of its occupants. .

The volumetry is based on pure rectangular forms. The building was designed while orienting the living rooms towards the view, with large openings and balconies.

Distributed on four residential floors and a parking floor, each residential floor consists of one apartment.

Wood, stone and glass are the materials used to finish the architecture.